I approached Amy to coach me, as I knew I had some confidence issues, and inner chatter in my mind, that was keeping me from reaching my fullest potential. Amy provided such a welcoming and safe space for healing and growth to occur. She compassionately yet powerfully led me on a path of self-discovery that helped me to identify where my limiting beliefs started and helped me to transform them.

Before my sessions with Amy, I felt like I didn’t matter and had a small voice without much power. I would choose to not speak versus speak my truth. Through Amy’s compassionate and gifted guidance, I was able to realize where the limiting beliefs started and that it is safe to share my true self. I now have a confident and empowered self-image that will allow me to speak my truth and achieve all my dreams and full potential.

If you know your limiting beliefs are keeping you from reaching your fullest potential, I highly recommend contacting Amy to help you reach your dreams.

Lisa Howell, 59

Registered Nurse

Working with Amy over the past few months has been incredible. Over the last year, I have been feeling like every time I took a step forward, I would end up taking 3 steps back. It was frustrating and overwhelming. Amy has guided me on a spiritual journey to find myself. She has helped me figure out why I am feeling so stuck and assisted me in addressing this mindset in a gentle and healing way. Created space for me to be seen. Meet me wherever I am mentally and emotionally. She has played an active role in helping me create goals and set boundaries, and we have started creating a structure for my vision of the future.

Her unique style, tone, and pace made for a peaceful centering experience. Together I was able to find the courage to step into the arena and ask for things I needed. In honor of playing full out and I must say one of my most powerful wins was being able to present to senior leadership at my organization my dream job. Amy helped me celebrate me and see how powerful and strong I forget that I am. Amy helps me see myself in a way I have forgotten.

Michell Fornaguera, 38

Registered Nurse, California

Having a session with Amy feels like expansion, genuine safety, and compassion. I'm blown away by the way I was able to open up and quickly unpeel layers that have been weighing me down. It is not an easy thing for me to open up.

Amy provided the connection and really safe space for me to let it go and be real. She asked the right questions to get to the things that needed releasing and clearing up. I felt like we packed so many discoveries and catalysts for healing into each session. I'm so grateful to have worked with Amy and I definitely recommend her as a coach.

Eileen Himel, 31

Dancer, Therapist, Louisiana

I needed a coach or someone to give me a loving space to unfold my suffering and guide me which was exactly what Amy said she was there for. Even before the session started, I checked her Insta page, and I was quite inspired by how bravely she chose to go on this path of personal growth and coaching others in need.

Before working with Amy, I was struggling to the point that I was having difficulty making any decisions in my daily life. I felt uncertain where to even start.

Amy’s coaching was honest and supportive. I felt heard, encouraged, and appropriately challenged. During our sessions, Amy helped me to pinpoint a goal and find manageable next steps. In the time between coaching sessions, I worked on those tasks. It felt amazing to be able to check in and feel supported through the process.

I truly appreciate the guidance Amy provided and value the consideration Amy had in directing me toward my specific interests and goals. I have been making more decisions without hesitation and these positively affect my days.

Bunny Melbourne-Takahashi, 40

Osaka, Japan

I have known Amy for many years since we grew up in the same town. I can honestly say there was always something special about her. Some gravitational pull that was unexplainable. She always seemed to have such a strong sense of self. I now believe it’s because she is truly touched by God with an amazing gift, and she is following her true path which has inspired me to find my own.

The ease at which I was able to open up to her is no other way to describe it than magical.

SHE IS A SOUL SHAPESHIFTER that can find the best way to your direct inner being, your soul, your inner child and it’s on the wave of full love and acceptance and when she says those words to you, you feel and believe them.

After two sessions, she has made a significant positive effect in my life. I am very excited to see what the future holds for us as we continue to work together.
Thank you.

Michele, 43

Bookkeeper, New Jersey

Today I would like to write a few words for the Transformative Life Coach,
Amy Colombo.

A few weeks ago, I was in limbo, exhausted, overworked, and over-stressed.
We started talking and trying to define what were my principal wants and
needs at the moment. It was difficult for me to even identify them at that given

Without hesitation, with kindness and understanding, Amy guided me through
a scary road and hurting personal path, which freed me from some old-rooted patterns. She then guided me to understand my personal goals for the near future and gave me crucial insights on how to get there.

I am grateful to her for her professional and unique kind of coaching. This helped me regain focus on my energies which is vital for all the goals in my busy life. "

Thank you again for your time and your kindness, Respectfully.

Vjola Canka, 31

SEO Content Creator, Albani

Being coached by Amy was so incredible for me and it was only in such a short amount of time. What I loved the most was that I can tell by the way she spoke that she was speaking her truth and was not at all biased toward my situation. She helped me identify a part of myself that I didn’t even know was there! She is inspiring to me with how she posts on social media, and it makes me want to do better and be more intentional in my life.

The specific time of our call was just kismet, something definitely sent her to me, and I am so grateful! She is a kind human and divine in her guidance! Thank you so much, Amy, I appreciate your time and the intentions you set for me.

Carissa Ervin, 32

New Jersey

I feel the Universe sent Amy my way for a reason. I am a therapist and have already done a lot of healing work on myself before working with Amy, but she really helped me to uncover another layer of my healing journey. Together, we explored some of my limiting beliefs and I love the way she challenged

She goes to the root of the problem, and she is a very intuitive coach who also brings a bit of spirituality to the sessions which completely resonated with me. The sessions had a very positive impact on my life and allowed me to change
perspective and feel more positive. Highly recommend her services.

Thank you, Amy, for your support and kindness. Let's keep in touch and whenever I feel I need a session I will let you know :) thank you so much for being flexible and understanding my moment.
Very best wishes.

Marta Faria, 38

London, UK

I was really struggling with money and only had barely enough to get me through the rest of the month till payday due to a whole load of unexpected payments that came out that month. That week Amy messaged me about a discovery call, and I jumped at the kind offer. I enjoyed the session so much. We did some deep inner child healing and I got so much clarity about my money issues.

Then the following week the money started flowing, invoices I forgot to send, stock options I didn't know I had, it was quite unbelievable!

Such a mind-blowing money breakthrough in just one session! I highly recommend booking a session with Amy! I so look forward to working with her more on the subject of money and many other areas of my life too! Working with Amy these past few weeks has helped me see what is really possible for me in this lifetime and I'm so excited to see what opportunities this will open up for me and my future! Thank you, Amy!!

Siobhán Carroll, 33

Herbalist, Ireland

YES- I was feeling unsure about my future and I knew that I had something holding me back from reaching my potential and fulfillment. Amy helped me to clear that block and have a brighter picture of my future.

Now thanks to her I feel more happy, complete, whole, and lighter than before and I can highly recommend her to anyone who experiences a state of holding back or feeling not worthy.

In the coaching sessions with Amy, I liked the friendly approach to the sensitive areas, I felt in a safe place. Now I can relate to this quotation: 'When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better, and in the end, you start to attract better!'

Thank you Amy for everything you do!

Diana, 51

Cork , Ireland

Working with Amy has truly been a blessing in my life. When we first started working together, I was withdrawn and in my shell. I struggled with compartmentalizing and not feeling like I could be fully me all the time, but that I had to water myself down and people please.

What I really loved about working with Amy was being given permission to play full out, since I'd struggled with compartmentalizing, I hadn't really done that in my day-to-day life. We did a lot of work around releasing shame, and for me, that was about bringing to light the things in myself that I didn't want to acknowledge, things that I wasn't proud of and wished I hadn't felt.

In our time together, I've really grown and integrated abandoned parts of myself and got in tune with my inner child, my anger, and various other aspects of my nature that I'd been ignoring. I'm truly happy and grateful to have worked with Amy, and how she held space for me to let out what I'd been holding in for years. 

Darius Long, 39

North carolina

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